4 Impressive But Super Easy Fall Nail Designs

1. Classic Plaid

Classic Burberry vibes with no effort, or there's always red and black for a buffalo check inspiration. To create this look, use Winstonia Amazing Trio brushes set.

fall nails



2. Moody Dotted Nails

Lighten up an moody nail design with teeny polka dots around the border of your nails. To create the look, use the smallest dotter from Winstonia Dotter Candy tool set

fall nails



3. Neutral Nails

This classic neutral manicure gets a fun twist with white lines and tips. Use Winstonia Berry Wine brushes for the delicate lines.

womans hands with manicure with knitted blanket

Nails by @Maya23K


4. Animal Prints

A lavender base color with a single leopard-print nail for a striking look. Hand draw your unique animal prints using Winstonia Fine Lines brushes

womans hand with a beautiful oval shaped manicure autumn trend, beige color polishing with leopard pattern on nails with gel polish, shellac

Nails by Irina Tiumentseva