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Customer Testimonial

I really love Winstonia brand nail art brushes... whenever I do a nail art tutorial, I am mostly saying this is my Winstonia brush.


Super easy to use, brush is very soft and makes designs a lot easier to paint

Kathy on Amazon

My go 2 liner brush. For something simple like swirls and something more complicated. Even handrawn cartoons

Jaylene on Amazon

Best brush ever (better than beetles and modelones)

Phong Tran on Amazon

I love these brushes so much! They are very thin, just what I need for fine lines, detailing. I bought two sets just in case. Thank you for excellent quality!

Tatiana A.


Sabrina on Amazon
Welcome to Winstonia – the home of creative and fun nail art supplies store. Our products include nail art brushes, striping brush, super fine nail brush, nail art detailer brush for all that delicate drawing needs. Aside of that, we offer premium gel nail brushes in oval and flat shapes, to be used to apply gel products on nails. Acrylic nail brushes are one of our most popular products as acrylic nails are such a staple among celebrities like Adele. Feeling a little more creative? Check out our nail stamping plate collections. Range from everyday patterns to seasonal holiday cute prints from Halloween to Christmas. Here you can also find fun nail stickers, stencils and tapes to create one-of-a-kind, unique nail art design!